COVID-19 is having devastating impacts on lives, economies, our everyday way of life and the businesses and companies we rely on each day.

Making and communicating the difficult decisions required to manage the effects of the virus in a timely manner is crucial to looking after your people, ensuring business continuity and maintaining the trust and confidence of key stakeholders.

With many decades of experience between them, our crisis and communications specialists have developed a range of tools and resources, to help you navigate your business effectively through rapidly-changing times.

Our COVID-19 Experience:
Crisis Communications Vs Communicating Through a Crisis

While COVID-19 is rewriting how we manage communications under the pressures of a global health and economic crisis, the fundamentals of best practice communications remain; empathy, clarity, engagement, timeliness, trust and credibility, and holding true to your purpose.

Bastion Reputation has worked with more than a dozen clients on their COVID-19 response – both in preparation as part of planning and risk teams but also in response as part of incident management teams and working on employee and customer content as well as media strategies. Sectors include higher education, TAFE, healthcare, elite and community sport, community and non-profit organisations, transport and logistics, local government, and hospitality.

The pressure on communications,
risk, legal, finance and HR teams is greater than ever before

The current demand for employee and customer communications and the pressure on corporate affairs, risk, legal, finance and HR teams is enormous. When these decisions need to be made rapidly and in an opaque policy landscape to anxious and now remote teams, it’s even more pressing. Budgets are pivoting but there’s often limited capability or even capacity to fulfil the need and in a very real sense right now, poorly executed communications can mean the difference between a positive public message and severely impacting public health and safety, or breaching the law.

For all businesses,
Bastion Reputation is able to provide:

  • strategic communications counsel and guidance on navigating this challenging time
  • content creation (internal, external and executive briefing materials)
  • media/social media monitoring
  • digital strategy and online community management
  • incident management support and alternative comms leads for in-house IMT teams
  • communications for business continuity planning
  • exhaustion relief for in-house communications teams through the secondment of shadow and additional support staff for a variety of roles (noting that internal
  • communications is usually under resourced)
  • virtual media and spokesperson training for senior managers and business leaders
  • change and organisation transformation communications
  • digital transformation of existing community engagement and consultation activities –
  • online education and professional development programs for remote teams
  • executive coaching and leadership mentoring

Supporting SMEs through
Practical cost effective tools

Coronavirus Communications Toolkit

For small and medium enterprises

Your guide to communicating with clarity, credibility and confidence.

Whether you are directly impacted by government restrictions, have a staff member contract COVID-19 or simply want to keep your people informed, this communications toolkit, provides practical guidance on communicating with staff, customers and other key stakeholders.

While there are many things out of your control, one thing you can control is your message. Keeping open lines of communication with those who matter most is essential.

Our communications toolkit gives you easy-to-follow advice, tips, tools and templates as well as provides solutions for some of the communications challenges faced by businesses.

Features include:

  • Simple and practical advice about essential communications principles and protocols to follow in times of crises, change and uncertainty
  • Tips and tools to help you deliver clear and consistent key messages
  • A handy checklist to communicate in the right way with the right stakeholders
  • Examples of communications materials for a range of audiences and COVID-19 scenarios

Contact us at to purchase a toolkit today for $650 ex GST.

Presentation and Media Training Webinars

Our Presentation and Media Training Webinars are designed for business owners, executives and senior managers, to equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to prepare for and manage media interviews or news conferences sparked by major announcements, running issues or critical incidents, as well as engage their own staff with empathy, confidence, and care during times of change. The training is very hands-on and is highly customised for each client.

To get the most from the virtual platform, the presentation and media training takes place over two, 90-minute webinars. Over the course of these two webinars, participants will learn the tools and techniques for shaping and delivering the right messages and will then spend most of their time doing interviews, to put their learning into practice.

Our Head Media Trainer, Michele Fonseca, was an accomplished reporter and presenter at the ABC. As well as leading the webinars, Michele conducts the interviews and provides immediate, constructive feedback to participants to help them assess and then build on their performance.

Consulting Packages

The COVID-19 crisis has and will continue to bring about rapid change. It has required leaders to make significant and difficult decisions that have fundamentally changed their business in a fraction of the normal time needed for such change. Having the right strategic advice and change management support, when you need it, is critical.

To support businesses to get the right strategic counsel in the most efficient and cost effective way, Bastion Reputation is offering business leaders the opportunity to purchase packages of consulting hours, starting from as little as two hours and going up to bundles of 20 hours, to be used any time within six months of purchase.

We know our clients need to be agile and ready to respond rapidly and with clarity to the changes that will come, and it’s our job to be right there when you need us.

Latest COVID-19 news and updates

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