Our riskissues and crisis experts are the people you want in the room or on Zoom to help you protect your greatest asset – your reputation. 

What We Do

Bastion Reputation risk, issues and crisis practice helps you to protect and strengthen your reputation when you need it most.

We help you to identify and manage reputation risks before they become issues. And manage issues so they don’t escalate into a crisis by communicating clearly to the people who matter most. 

We’ll respond quicklycalmly and decisively in a crisis. And support you to do the same.

Our Services

We offer a full range of risk, issues and crisis management and support services, all focused on managing and protecting your reputation.
Our services include:  

  • Issue and crisis response  
  • Reputational risk audits and mitigation strategies 
  • Reputation recovery 
  • Crisis communications plans 
  • Crisis communications training and simulation exercises 
  • Media relations advice 
  • Tactical response support 
  • Industrial relations communications 

We work across a wide range of sectors including, all levels of government, education, hospitality, financial services, elite sport and recreation, transport and logistics, legal and litigation support, health and technology, and member associations.


Managing issues and supporting you in a crisis is a central part of our services. Our team of experts provide calm and decisive counsel, backed by support developed through decades of real-world crisis and issues management. We are discrete and comfortable working with Boards, CEOs, senior executives and communications teams as well as individuals requiring direct support.  


We can help prepare you, your team or your organisation to manage your reputation and build internal knowledge and capacity, including: 

  • Reputational risk audits 
  • Issue and crisis mitigation strategies 
  • Crisis simulation exercises 
  • Easy to use crisis communications plans 
  • Training, mentoring and development of Boards, CEOs, senior executives and communications staff 


Your reputation is your most important asset so managing it, or recovering it, is vitally important. We provide a range of services to help you protect your reputation, including: 

  • Tactical response support for reputation issues 
  • Media relations advice 
  • Industrial relations communications 


Dealing with the media, especially during an issue or crisis, can create additional stress so we can help you manage media enquiries and provide related supportincluding: 

  • Briefing sessions with Boards, CEOs, senior executives or company spokespeople 
  • Strategy development to manage media interest  
  • Responses to direct requests 
  • Proactively engage media to support your position 
  • Preparation for press conferences or media scrums 
  • Manage social media engagement and responses 


COVID-19 had devastating impacts on lives, economies and our everyday life during 2020 and while in Australia we are slowly returning to pre-COVID conditions, the global pandemic is not over, and its affects will be felt for a long time to come.  

Our team has been dealing with the impacts of the virus before the first case was diagnosed in Australia, supporting clients from a wide range of sectors as they communicated difficult decisions and managed the effects of the virus on their businesses, their people and their reputation.

We have developed a range of tools to support small and medium businesses and are resourced to help any business navigate whatever COVID throws at them.  


If you are interested in any of our services or need urgent support with a crisis or issue, please contact our Principal Consultant – Risk & Crisis, Bruce Tobin on 0419 103 454 or email

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