Our Senior Communications Strategist Peter Trevaskis on what to do now 2021 hasn’t brought the major change or return to normal that we were hoping for.

While we are only in the early days of 2021 you would be mistaken for it still having a very 2020 feel about it.

COVID outbreaks in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne since late last year have shown this year and last year are obviously good mates, with 2021 keen to keep the legacy of its friend alive and well.

Despite Australia having a firm grasp on managing the situation, pockets of Coronavirus were to be expected. Chief medical officers – surely the rock stars of the pandemic – told us the virus wouldn’t respect borders, nor the muted ringing in of the new year. And they were right.

However, many people, eager to see the back of the worst year in their life felt the new year would bring major change, a return to normal and the ability to finish the final chapter and close the book on 2020.

New Year’s Eve was their Everest and expectations were everything would be right again from 1 January.

We would be back at work, socialising, travelling as we pleased, enjoying summer and making the most of the sacrifices we made as a nation to stop COVID spreading and taking lives, and our way of life, like we have sadly seen so much in other countries.

While we are in a very good place relative to much of the world, sadly the expectations of many Australians have not been met.

The reality that 2021 is still eerily similar to 2020 will bring disappointment, fear and uncertainty for many individuals and businesses.

It is tough to understand – those who saw 2021 as a new dawn will be wondering if they perhaps haven’t shaken off the hangover of firework-free new year’s celebrations.

This is, though, the reality we must face. But rather than merely face it, we must embrace it.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson of the last year has been how to deal with rapid change and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The whole country showed immense resolve and an ability to adapt no matter was thrown at us, how fast or how hard.

These experiences have created a steely resolve and position us well to embrace the fact that in 2021, uncertainty is perhaps going to be the only certainty.

I regularly say to clients and colleagues, never waste a crisis, as the lessons you learn at the toughest times are often the most valuable ones.

We at Bastion Reputation Management were privileged to work side-by-side with clients in 2020, helping them through their worst days and learning a lot along the way. We haven’t wasted a single crisis since the onset of COVID and I know our experience helping businesses and individuals tackle the pandemic since well before the first case of Coronavirus hit our shores will serve us, and our clients, well in the year ahead.

However, while dealing with uncertainty is often our business, we know it’s unlikely yours.

So, if 2021 is already feeling too much like 2020, if you want to improve how you communicate to staff and those people most important to you, if COVID is still kicking you and your business or you need support to create a strategy to bring some certainty, please get in touch.