The brief

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation (DAAFF) is a not-for-profit Indigenous organisation, owned and governed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community Art Centres it represents. DAAFF celebrates the rich cultural and artistic diversity of Australia’s First Nations art and design, with a signature annual event, the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, affectionately known as DAAF. The only national event of its kind, DAAF has secured a reputation as one of the country’s most significant and internationally recognised arts events. In 2020, faced with a global pandemic, we went digital representing over 70 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Centres!

Our Training & Capability team worked with the Foundation team to help them not just to inform media and key stakeholders of the significant changes to the event’s format, but to engage and excite them about the new online offering.

This meant being able to communicate with confidence, credibility and impact.

Our response

Bastion Reputation Management helped the organisers achieve this through a series of highly interactive online media and presentation workshops which gave them the skills to:

  • Clearly and simply explain the “why”, “what” and “how” of the 2020 event
  • Use their voice, body language and facial expression to convey their passion about the event and build excitement about the new format
  • Confidently answer questions from any audience.

The results

Bastion Effect, Bastion Collective’s PR agency, was responsible for running an integrated digital and media strategy for the online event and generated 310 media hits including AFR, The Australian and ABC Weekend Breakfast.