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What We Offer

From the way you communicate with your teams to the way you engage with your customers, the media and other stakeholders, we help you to get your message across with impact and confidence. Our specialists have decades of experience across a range of sectors including finance and corporate, mining and energy, transport and infrastructure, technology, government and health services, sport, education, media and community.

All our training can be delivered in person or online. Your safety is paramount and any in person training will be conducted with strict adherence to the latest public health guidelines.

Hybrid working

As organisations navigate the disruption and uncertainty sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can help you create a working environment in which your teams feel safe, connected and productive.


Put simply, hybrid working is when some employees work remotely while others are back in the office.

It sounds simple enough. But for a hybrid arrangement to work well, it’s essential you bring your whole team along with the right approach to internal communications, meetings, managing performance and keeping culture and connection alive.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have worked with clients to design hybrid arrangements which have helped them to run their business effectively, support their customers with confidence and lead focused and engaged teams.


Inquiries preparation training

The public nature of inquiries, hearings and estimates means agencies, organisations, businesses and individuals need to present their best selves on the day. This means being well equipped to respond to questions while under considerable pressure and scrutiny, and remaining confident and unrattled in what can often be a highly charged, emotive and stressful environment.


Personal Storytelling

If you want to be a leader in your field, then you need to be a great storyteller. Human beings have been raised on stories and in a world awash with information, stories remain the most effective way for you to cut through and connect with your audience. In this training session, we will share some simple but highly effective tools to help you find, tell and amplify your story.

Communicating Change Effectively

Most businesses today are in a state of transformation, from reframing what they do for the digital environment to reshaping their product and service offerings. And we know there will be more change to come. For any change process to succeed though, it’s essential that leaders can communicate the change effectively.

In this session, we will share the tools and techniques needed to clearly and consistently explain the why, what, who and how of the change. And critically, we’ll help you to get your tone just right, so that you can communicate with empathy, confidence and care.

Communications Coaching

All great leaders and managers need to be excellent communicators, but this isn’t a skill that is widely taught. While a very few leaders are “naturals” at communicating effectively, for most, it requires learning new skills and lots of practice. This is the perfect option for you, if you or your leadership team need confidential, one-on-one sessions to take your communications capability from good to great.

Media Training Essentials

Our media training is designed for business owners, current or emerging leaders and managers, to equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to prepare for and manage media interviews or news conferences sparked by announcements, running issues or critical incidents. The training is very hands-on and is highly customised for each client. You will learn how to shape your messages and then how to communicate them with the right delivery, voice, tone and body language. You will also learn how to manage difficult questions and keep the conversation in your space. The training includes a mix of some theory and plenty of practice. Our trainers will conduct a series of practice interviews with you, to put your learning into practice. Our cameraman uses broadcast-quality camera gear, microphones and studio lights, to replicate the experience of being interviewed by a TV crew as well as being interviewed on live radio. Using our playback facilities, we provide immediate feedback to you to help you assess and then build on your performance.

Presentation Skills Essentials

Everyone needs to present or do public speaking at some point but many find it uncomfortable at best or anxiety-inducing at worst. We will help to take the nerves out of public speaking and help you to find your true voice and style. We will work with you to identify and shape your story, before sharing the practical tools and techniques to tell it in a way that resonates and engages. You’ll learn more about the importance of knowing your audience and there’ll be plenty of practical exercises to enhance your voice, body language and overall presence. By the end of this session you will know how to deliver your story, pitch or presentation in a memorable way, no matter how big, small, reluctant or receptive your audience.

If you are interested in any of these sessions, please contact our Principal Consultant — Training & Capability, Michele Fonseca on 0419 661 121 or email

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